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Akshata Distribution Drive in the UK

Ahead of Ram temple consecration, the sacred akshata distribution drive kicks off in the UK. 

Akshata are uncooked un-broken rice grains which are mixed with turmeric and ghee. Akshata are believed to be the finest offering that a devotee can make.

The auspicious akshata have arrived from Ayodhya. If you would like to request Akshata for yourself or would like to volunteer for distribution locally, submit your request here:

Places in the UK where the consecrated akshatas are available now: (list will be updated regularly)

  • Bedford

  • Cheltenham

  • Coventry

  • Gloucester

  • Leicester

  • London

  • Milton Keynes
  • Swindon

What's the significance?

The auspicious akshata are invitation to Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya. 

What should be done with the received akshata?

The akshata that have come from Ayodhya are consecrated; therefore, they represent the form of Bhagwan Ram himself.

Traditionally, these consecrated akshata mean an invitation to Ayodhya. Now, on the program of January 22nd, everyone won't be going to Ayodhya.

Therefore, whenever one can visit, they should take these akshata with them and place them at the feet of Rama in Ayodhya.

They should be kept safely at home until then. For this, the best place would be a deity's shrine in Pooja room in your home. While keeping them there, make a resolution, "We, the family, will soon visit the Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya."

For those who cannot do this, what can they do?

As a blessing from Bhagwan Ram, mix these akshata in your rice at home. And consume these as Prasad on 22nd January.

Alternatively offer these to any Bhagwan murti in your local Mandir on 22nd January when you join the local celebration. 

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