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Ideas for celebration

22nd January 2024 is no less than Diwali for all Dharmic communities across the world. After around 100 wars/battles and legal dispute, the Mandir is being rebuilt again at the Bhagwan Ram's Janmabhoomi. 

Below are a few ideas for celebrations.

Two to Three Weeks Before the Event:

1. Story Telling / Discussions / lecturers:
• Schedule series of sessions that delve deep into the significance of this monumental event happening on the 22nd January.
• Tailor the discussions according to age groups, ensuring age-appropriate content.
• Involve participation from all family members including children.
• Organise sessions online, in-person as your organisation feels appropriate
2. Spiritual Practices:
• Introduce and rehearse the "Sri Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha Abhiyaan Geet" for group singing.
• Regularly incorporate the chanting of the Sri Ram Vijay Mantra “Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”. Set a target for your organisation eg. 108 each day individually. Set targets such as 1lakh japa for the organisation, create an online document to record the count till 22nd Jan
• Incorporate other Mantras, Shlokas, and Bhajans that resonate with the event’s spirit.
3. Quiz and Art Activities:
• Organise quizzes centered around the Ramayan and Ram Mandir
• Conduct drawing sessions where kids illustrate scenes from the Ramayan.
4. Role Plays and Khels:
• Host role-play sessions in your community where participants enact episodes from the Ramayan.
• Organise traditional games inspired by the Ramayan to engage and educate.

22nd January 2024 - The Historic Day

1. Special Day:
• 22nd Jan, 2024 is a special day of grand celebration resembling Diwali festival
• Display a prominent photo or murti of Bhagwan Sri Ram adorned with diya.
• Organise special lectures by prominent people such as historians, Swamiji’s.
• Organise the singing of the event song, and continuous recitation of Ram dhun.
2. Homes and Temples:
• Light diyas in homes before the photo/murti of Bhagwan Ram.
• Recite mantras or bhajans dedicated to Bhagwan Ram.
• Encourage visits to local temples, participating in their festivities and prayers.
3. Local Mandirs:
• Collaborate with local Mandirs to host events, encouraging community participation and celebration.
• Organise Pooja, Archana’s in mandirs
4. Community Outreach:
• Share the joy and significance of the day with extended family and Hindu friends.
• Advocate for participation and celebration, emphasising the historical importance of the event.
5. Social Media Campaign:
• Launch a digital campaign leading up to 22nd Jan, sharing posts and stories that emphasise the historic importance and significance of the day.
• Use relevant hashtags to create a buzz and encourage wider participation.

Additional Suggestions

1. Historical Exhibitions: Organise exhibitions showcasing the history of the 500-year struggle, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the journey to the inauguration during your events.
2. Cultural Performances: Host cultural events featuring dances, songs, and dramas inspired by the Ramayan, fostering a deep connection to the epic and the upcoming inauguration.
3. Workshops: Conduct workshops focusing on the teachings of the Ramayan, encouraging introspection, and fostering personal growth and spiritual development.

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